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RF on the road. Will you miss it?

The last ones RF setups provided by Sobatech Group included up to 7 wireless links simultaneously, DMR communicatons and fiber antenna extender by Sobatech engineering brand: SBNlab.


RF Setup

Canary Islands:

We provided 7 wireless camera systems with a big RF setup deployed. In this setup we used a leader technology as BWS and DTC. For RF integration and distribution SBNlab equipment was also used. This includes our safe power supply system to feed with 12V all our resources.

Le Mans, Oschersleben and Slovakia.

This is the 3rd year we provide all RF resources for Endurance World Championship motorbike races. 2 RF Wireless camera, Wireless Reporter system, Motorola DMR trunking system communications for all staff and coordination. In this setup we used the fiber optic antenna extender from SBNlab, with Vialite technology inside.

EWC-Wireless Setup

Berga. La Patum. Classified as part of cultural heritage of the humanity, La Patum is a popular event where Sobatech provided a new viewpoint thanks to our RF services for Wireless cameras.

Do you want to know more? Just ask us!

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