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DMR: Enhanced Communications

Two-way radios have long been a favorite time-saving tool for businesses of all kinds, but feature-rich digital technology is transforming push-to-talk technology and bringing it in line with the most advanced voice and data innovations.

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) is a modern technique providing to the customers enhanced communications, this include a huge list of improvements in security, data over the air, spectrum capacity...

DMR is a flexible and reliable communications system. The system is cheaper than other digital systems, like TETRA, without compromising the security and reliability of the entire communications.

Some key benefits of DMR:

  • IMPROVED SPECTRUM CAPACITY .DMR uses TDMA technique, with two communications slots for each frequency.

  • IMPROVED COVERAGE .Although the RF coverage is the same, the audio quality is improved when the signal strength is reduced

  • SECURITY .The DMR system allow improve the security and system integrity.

  • DATA .Push-to-talk aliasing, remote monitoring, remote radio disable, GPS positioning, GEOFencing, Over the Air programming (OTAP), Private and group calls, 3rd party telemetry, battery monitoring...

  • TRUNKED SYSTEMS for maximum flexibility and reliability.

  • ROAMING . To increase the coverage area.


In our last project we set up, installed a large MOTOROLA TRUNKED single site DMR system, integrating old analog radios with a modern fleet DMR Motorola DP4000e Series Radios.

This project includes 8 SLR5500 Repeaters, antenna system, combiners, server and large number of portable 2 way radios. This integration also includes a Virtual Communication panels for several control rooms.

A server was also included, recording all voice feeds, and providing a remote control and system maintenance,with this, the radios are update and monitored from the server and can be remotely programmed. This increase the system reliability and decrease the maintenance budget. A battery management is also in this server, collecting battery data for statistics and battery health check.


Even Motorola is not the cheapest manufacturer, true, but they provide a rugged radios, with a full portfolio of products, offering also an efficient management solutions and a really good customer support thru the main distributors , and Sobatech Group is working directly with engineering department and has a really good relationship with them.

The new enhanced series delivers total connectivity for skilled professional who refuses to compromise, providing the best sensibility in the market, IP68 sealing, Bluetooth, GNNS, Wifi and much much more.

We don't provide just a radio, we provide a full solution.

Communications service is also available from Sobatech.

For further information, please, don't hesitate to click HERE.

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