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Fly Away OB Van

Sobatech Group SL has already delivered a new Fly Away OB Van to TWTV in Malaysia.

- Up to 14 Cameras OB Van

- 12 Sony Hybrid ENG camera system base with full Studio Camera features using optical fiber. Possibility to extend the cameras up to 10 Km from the MCR.

- Up to 2 Wireless Camera with telemetry colour control.

- 2 Video Servers with integrated edit suites.

- External Optical Fiber set based on the new standard OpticalCON MTP.

Easy to deploy and pack. Highly optimisated.

This fly away pack has been designed taking care of sizes and weights to reduce the operational costs without affection to the required production quality standards.

Packing optimised to allow the freight with standard airline planes, cargo planes or vessels.

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